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The 100% CloudFax400 Solution

CloudFax400 can completely replace your existing Fax Server hardware and dedicated telephone lines to provide an advanced enterprise fax solution for all your business faxing needs.

By using CloudFax400 to send and receive all your fax communications from your AS/400. System i or Power system you can:

Save the money you spend on Fax Server Hardware maintenance and amortization

Stop having to pay line rental on dedicated phone lines

Reduce the time that resources have to spend supporting your in-house hardware

Meet all your compliance and security needs without any hassle

Eliminate potential points of failure from your fax process to improve reliability


The CloudFax400 High-Availability and Business Continuity Solution

If you do not feel completely ready to jump into the Cloud for all your faxing requirements, CloudFax400 can also run in parallel with your on-premise fax servers and provide a flexible high-availability and business continuity solution.

By running CloudFax400 alongside your existing fax servers, you can:

Improve performance by providing a flexible load balancing solution for periods of high volume
Save money by eliminating servers and phone lines that are only used during periods of peak traffic
Provide a back-up fax solution in case your on-premise fax server or phone line goes down

So whether you are looking to consolidate your fax servers, reduce costs, improve efficiency or just want a more convenient way to send and receive fax from your IBM AS/400, System i, Power System or Windows Network Applications, you can have it all with CloudFax400!